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Dranjer F-N2 Sump Drain
Dranjer F-N2 Sump Drain
  • Sump drain slips into 2" PVC pipe
  • Increase pressure of radon mitigation system
  • Keep energy consumption low
Dranjer F-R2
Dranjer F-R2 Floor Drain

The Dranjer F-R2 creates a trap in non-trapped drains. When used with a radon mitigation system, the F-R2 keeps clean treated air in and foul odors out.  

Dranjer F-S2 Sump Drain

Installs into sump cover allowing water to pass through cover while keep air from being sucked back into the house.

Brass ring creates stronger seal when radon mitigation system is installed.

Dranjer JS-15 Sump Drain

One way valve that allows water to flow into the sump but prevents Radon Gas, soil gas, insects and odors from entering the home.