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Fantech Rn1 Radon Mitigation Fan

Best for:

  • Low pressure, low flow
  • Low radon levels
  • Good slab communication

Record low power consumption!

Fantech Rn2 Radon Mitigation Fan

The Rn2 is the standard for Radon Mitigation. Ideally tailored performance curve for a vast majority of your mitigations.

UL Listed for outdoor use or in wet locations and in conditioned air streams up to 140 degrees. External wiring box for ease of connection. Waterproof gasket on wiring box. Five-yeah warranty. - See more at: http://www.indoor-air-health-advisor.com/fantech-radon-fans.html#sthash.fVC9WqV5.dpuf
Fantech Rn2 SL Outdoor Radon Fan

The Fantech Rn2 SL is an attractive and practical solution for outside radon fan installations! Looks like an electrical panel rather than a fan. 

Fantech Rn3 Radon Mitigation Fan

Best for situations with: 

  • Elevated Radon Levels
  • Poor slab communication
  • Multiple suction points
  • Large sub slab