Radonaway RP260 Radon Fan

Radonaway RP260
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The RP260 is a high flow fan with low energy usage. 
This fan works best with drain tile systems and gravel only. 
Good for basements larger than 1500 sq/ft.
A good choice for higher radon levels in finished basements where crack filling isn't possible.

  • Energy efficient at only 50-75 watts
  • Super quiet operation 
  • ELT Listed - for indoor and outdoor use
  • Meets all electrical codes
  • Commercial and residential 
  • Thermally protected motor
  • 6" inlet and outlet
Note: Utility cords need to be purchased separately. The RP260 has 6" openings thus requiring 4"x6" rubber couplings for mounting. 4" pipe is required for the RP260. Varmint guards are a must to protect your fans warranty.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Gary , 01/27/2015

Hi Val

Just want to say thank you.

Tested my basement before install. 53.0 Just received test results today, drum roll .07. Thanks for all your info.
The motor is exactly as described without the gauge you would not no it was running. The wife can not get over how different
the basement feels since we installed everything. Its drier and the whole house is a lot warmer and easier to heat. Now I have permission to finish the man cave.


Reviewed by Terry , 01/27/2015

Val, thank you so much for your knowledge and free info! I have just finished my radon installation and I am extremely happy. I bought the radon fan and rubber couplings from your store. I researched in internet for good prices and found you have the best deals for us DIYers!!! I had a reading of 7.1 radon in the basement. That is what got me started researching. I am going to retest in two weeks and see how my project is doing. Once again, thank you so much for your help. Your explanations made the project go so much easier.

Your New Friend

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