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Air Flow Radon Alarm

RadonAway's battery-powered air flow alarm monitors radon system operation.

Varmint Guard
Varmint Guard

Radon Varmint Guards

For 3" & 4" Schedule 40 PVC

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$8.75 - $8.95
PVC Rain Cap
PVC Rain Cap

PVC Rain Caps

For 3" & 4" Schedule 40 PVC

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$18.95 - $21.95
PVC Trim Collars

Great for cleaning up a messy hole.

For 3" & 4" Schedule 40 PVC

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$3.50 - $4.45
Galvanized Flashing
Galvanized Roof Flashing

Quality roof flashing that will last for the life of most roofs. Adjusts to fit 3" & 4" pipe.


Roof Sealant
Ultima Roof Sealant
  • Applies in all weather  0ºF - 140ºF
  • Will adhere on wet and oily surfaces
  • Perfect for shingles and metal roofs
  • Great for gutter and downspouts
Downspout Adapter

Downspout Adapters for outdoor radon mitigation systems.

Adapters for 3x4 and 2x3 Downspout.

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$4.49 - $4.59
Downspout Varmint Guard
Downspout Varmint Guard

Protect your radon fan with a Radon Downspout Varmint Guard.
For use with outdoor radon mitigation systems attached to downspouts.


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$13.39 - $13.49
Radon Fan Cord
Power Cord and Strain Relief Bushing

Power Cords for Radon Fans with strain relief connectors. 3' and 6' kits available.

If you already have a power cord, buy the strain relief connector separately.

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$2.75 - $8.45
Electrical Lockout box
Electrical kit w/lock out cover

Water tight electrical box with cover that allows for a padlock to prevent tampering.

Pro Series Radon Detector
Pro Series 3 Radon Detector

Easily check your radon levels with this digital display radon detector.
Gives short and long term readings.
Samples air continually.


Dynameter U-Tube Manometer

The Dynameter measures fan performance and serves as a warning indicator in case of fan failure.

Splintax Smoke Matches
Splintax Smoke Matches

Each Splintax Smoke Match emits 20 to 25 seconds of non-toxic, cool, white smoke.
Use to check for carbon monoxide or radon mitigation system leaks. Pack of 20.

Foam Backer Rod

Fill large cracks the right way!

Foam backer rod reduces the amount of caulk needed and allows caulk to seal the entire area without ripping loose.

Available in 1/2" and 1" sizes. Sold by the foot.

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$0.16 - $0.32
4x6 Floor Bushing
4x6 Floor Bushing

Allows for a larger working area below the floor. Especially important when difficult soil conditions are anticipated. Fitting above accepts 4" Sch 40 PVC. To use 3" pipe a reducer is added.

$19.95 - $27.90