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Sump Cover Accessories

Rubber sump seals, inspection ports and special one way radon drains.

Dome Sump Cover
24" Dome Sump Cover

Heavy duty molded ABS plastic sump pit cover with a strong center support brace. 

ABS Cover with Installed Inspection Port

Easily inspect your sump pump with this sump cover that has an installed screw off inspection port. Port is installed about 2" from the edge of the cover. The cover can be cut to fit the size of the sump crock.

$59.95 - $64.95
Heavy Durt 2 Part Sump Cover
Heavy Duty 2 Part Sump Cover

28" Two-part sump cover fits together perfectly forming an airtight seal.

Includes 4 rubber pipe seals for pipes passing through the cover.

High Rise Sump Cover

This cover is the perfect solution for pedestal type sump pumps. Includes a clear panel which allows for easy viewing.

Lexan Sump Covers

See what's happing in your sump crock without removing the cover with a Lexan Sump Cover.

Strong and durable.

Cut to fit any sump diameter. 

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$23.95 - $35.95
Solid Sump Cover
Solid ABS Sump Cover

This cover can be cut easily with a jig saw to fit your sump's diameter. 

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$32.95 - $44.95