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Dennis Foam Sealant

Airtight and watertight seal for sump cover.

Dranjer JS-15 Sump Drain

One way valve that allows water to flow into the sump but prevents Radon Gas, soil gas, insects and odors from entering the home.


This easy to install, low profile sump drain could just be the most compact, high-preforming sump drain available.

Screw-off Inspection Port

Beckson’s Screw-Out access plates are designed to provide access without the use of tools. Screw-out plates should be used in applications where changes in air or back pressure may occur.

Uniseal Pipe and Cord Seals

Use pipe seals for discharge pipes and drain lines that pass through the sump cover.

Nine pipe sizes available from 4" to 3/8".

Cord seals, which handle up to 4 cords, also available. 

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$5.25 - $9.50
Sump Inspection Plug
  • Allows easy acess to your sump pump.
  • Installs in a 4" diameter hole.
Lexan Inspection Cover

5" Lexan Inspection Port allows for easy viewing and access to the pump.

Comes with a hole drilled in each corner and screws.

Dranjer F-S2 Sump Drain

Installs into sump cover allowing water to pass through cover while keep air from being sucked back into the house.

Brass ring creates stronger seal when radon mitigation system is installed.